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I'm not sure if I'm correct but about your latest drawing, aren't you the guy who was at kendall working on it with our camp? If I'm not mistaken.

Yes, I am the fellow who helped students out on the 7th floor in the cintiq lab :)

Edit: I’m apparently also really bad at working tumblr due to the fact that this ended up on my dashboard… :/

304 - Dreamt I was the father of a super hero in the Justice League universe. She was chosen by lady Justice to be the judge, jury, and executioner of all wrongdoers. Her powers were pretty basic; flight, and super strength that could rival that of Superman’s. Her other “ability” was in her armor (it, and her sword, were unbreakable.) 

What I thought was interesting was her “Chaotic-Good” morals clashed against that of the leagues “Lawful-good” setup. She joined the League but then left shortly after once she discovered their leniency on criminals who deserved to die for their crimes, but were only imprisoned.  Breaking off from the League she went off to fight crime in the universe in her own way. 

Being an anti-hero she could have multiple confrontations with the league, maybe even fighting them if they got in her way. I guarantee there’s already someone in the DC universe who acts this way, (Though I wouldn’t know cause I’ve only watch a handful of episodes of Justice league & I don’t read comics, though i should) But I would be interested in seeing the hot button issue of the death penalty addressed in the DC universe in this manner.

I may draw more of her, I really like this character :)